ARTiSPA® Advanced PMU Training In Solihull UK

Do you want to make a difference in the world of Microblading and PMU?

Why Limit Yourself?

This 3 day course is design for stylist who wish to improve their skills with Iwona's new approach in artistic forms of micro pigmentation


Microblading has been one of the most popular eyebrow procedure for the last 2 years, but do you want to be future proof?


During your training you will learn proven techniques Iwona uses that has made her a world champion and many of your students.


We only like to take no more than 6 students during our 3 day Training session, to make sure you can have Iwona's full attention


During your training you will learn proven techniques Iwona uses that has made her a world champion and many of your students.

Want To Grow?

We have noticed that a lot of Beauty Salons have specialised in one or maybe two eyebrow microblading and or PMU treatment. Let us help you gain more Customers

Want to manage
New Excited Clients?

With iwona's 3 day training you will be taught all new Lips and Eyeliner techniques that you will be able to use to build your Salon to a much higher level.

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3 Day Training


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Frequently Asked Questions

Subjects included in Iwona’s permanent makeup training

You can talk to Iwona about your specific requirements. Iwona will be running you through the following:

• Permanent eyebrows training: Get a natural, pencilled in look. Learn to replicate hair strokes. Understand shaping to suit a variety of face shapes.

• Permanent eyeliner training: Understand shading, colour use and tones. Successfully achieve pencil thin eyeliner application and understand how colours work for different skin types.

• Permanent lips training: Understand how to shape and contour the lips for a natural, beautiful look. Help clients pick the right shades for their skin tone.

• What You will Need To Bring With You:

We recommend that you bring a pair of White surgical gloves, comfortable shoes, Glasses/ lenses. Please shorten your nails (this is essential for your stretching techniques).

Equipment, cartridges or needles and sterile tips (depending on equipment)


• Iwona’s 3 day plan

We offer highly flexible training to suit your own personal needs and timetable. During these two days, you’ll learn all the practical skills you’re going to need as a PMU practitioner, and will have a chance to try out the techniques for yourself. You’ll be learning:

  • Colour theory: Matching shades and colours to the client’s natural skin tone
  • Skin undertones: Crucial for understanding how shades work together
  • Facial shapes: What make up suits what face shapes
  • Health and safety: Keeping you and your client safe during the treatment
  • Eyebrow, Eyeliner and Lips shaping: How to draw a beautiful shape that suits the client’s preferences and facial shape
  • Drawing and tattoo practice: Using practice ‘skin’, we’ll get to work doing your first drawings and tattoo

• Your home work:

Picking up on everything you’ve learnt in your sessions with Iwona, you’ll take a machine home, along with some practice skins, and start perfecting your technique. We expect you to spend around two to three weeks doing your own home-based practice, but of course Iwona is on hand if you run into any problems during this time. If you have a full time job, this can be done in your own time, without any impact on your daily timetable.

• On going Support:

Following completion of your training, Iwona offers an unlimited mentoring and support by telephone or Skype, so that you can get the support you need to continue your development on your own.​

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