ClickBank a Crash Course

If you’ve just gotten started with online marketing, you’d often see the name ‘ClickBank’ being tossed around as one of the best ways to make money online.

This is true and several people have made six figure incomes on this platform and many others make a full-time income from it. Before you even get into the whole choosing the product to promote and traffic generation methods, it’s good to know the basics.

This Blog will act as a primer for ClickBank so that you don’t go in blind. Let’s get started.

What is ClickBank?

For starters, it is NOT a bank. ClickBank is platform for vendors to sell products and for affiliates to promote these products. For years, one could only sell and/or promote digital items on ClickBank.

However, things have changed recently and you’re now allowed to sell physical products. This has opened up a lot more options to both vendors and affiliates alike.

How to sign up with ClickBank

Signing up for ClickBank is easy. Just visit: and fill in your details and sign up.

Do I need to pay?

You do not need to pay a cent. Signing up for ClickBank is free. You can do it yourself and don’t need to pay anyone to do it for you.

How much money can I make?

If you’re used to seeing cheesy info product sales pages, you’ll often see them make bold claims such as, “Discover How I Made $3,421.27 on ClickBank in 20 Minutes… in My Underwear – Without Any Skills!”

Take these bold claims with a pinch of salt. Most aren’t even remotely close to the truth.

How much money you make with ClickBank will depend on your online marketing knowledge, your skills, your budget, your strategy, how much you work and a teeny bit of luck. If you’re an expert, the sky is the limit and ClickBank has made millionaires out of people.

It does take work, patience and time. If you stick with it, you can definitely make a living from it.

Do I need PayPal?

No, you don’t. With PayPal’s recent shutdowns, more marketers are starting to look towards ClickBank as a way to earn and get paid.

How do I get paid?

There are 4 methods of payment: –

  • Direct deposit where the money gets deposited into your bank account directly
  • A check that’s mailed to you
  • Wire transfer, if you live in a country that does accept direct deposit
  • Payoneer, which is an international money transfer service

You only need to choose one method… and ClickBank always pays on time.

Do note that you’ll need to set a payment threshold in your account. Once your earnings hit the threshold, you’ll receive the payout. There will be a $2.50 service fee too.

About 10% of your earnings will be held by ClickBank until the next payment. This is to cover returns, refunds, etc. No worries. You’ll get whatever you’re owed.

How does it all work for an affiliate?

The process itself is simple. You sign up for ClickBank and log in. Now you’ll need to visit the ClickBank affiliate marketplace here:

Once you’re inside, you’ll see a list of categories with sub-categories leading to pages and pages of products that you can choose to promote. Study the metrics, pick a product that suits you and click on the ‘PROMOTE’ tab.

You can then get your hoplink URL. This is the link that you’ll use to promote that specific product. Each product will have its own URL. So, you’ll need to get a new one for every product you decide to promote.

Is ClickBank a scam?

No, it’s not. It’s a very reliable and trustworthy platform that has been around for decades.

How can I promote products with ClickBank?

There are so many methods that it’s mind boggling. You only need to choose one solid and proven method and focus on it.

This promoting of affiliate products falls under ‘traffic generation’ and is something that you’ll need to spend time studying and applying. Niche sites, paid traffic, video marketing and using social media such as Facebook groups, Pinterest, etc. for traffic generation are all highly effective ways to get eyeballs on the offers you’re promoting.

Once again, the key to success will be to focus on one method until it works for you. The successful marketer is often the beginner who started out with laser-like focus.

That should wrap up your ClickBank crash course. If you’re looking to make an income online, ClickBank is one of the best ways to go about it.

All you need to do is master the basics, learn how to generate traffic consistently, and apply yourself and stay focused until you see positive results.