Instagram Ad Mistakes that Must be Avoided

Instagram Ad Mistakes

One thing I have learnt over the years of running my company is that I have wasted money making these Instagram Ad Mistakes here’s the ones to Avoid.

I have been so surprised how Instagram has grown over recent years.

At the time of writing this, Instagram is the best way to find the deal customer to your product. There is no other way to advertise like on IG

There is a wrong way (don’t I know it) and a good way to run ads on Instagram. So many say it doesn’t work and so did I till I found the right way to do it

I have spoken to so many people on IG and I notice most were doing some of the mistakes I am going to tell you about, and some all of them.

Let me guide you through Instagram Ad Mistakes you should try your best to avoid.

Not Aligning with Business Goals

One thing you have to do when running IG ads is to be congruent with your business plan.

You may have the best and greatest ads, but if you are going against your brand and plan, you are not only wasting your time but money as well.

When you know your business goal and mission completely this is the right time to create your first IG ad campaign.

You will have to know what is the purpose of your ad campaign. Do you want to get more followers to your IG profile? Let people know about your wonderful brand? Maybe you want to build up your email list, then you will need a lead capture page to send them to.

When you know what kind of campaign you would like to create, IG ads are not that difficult to produce.

Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself before you should start creating IG ads for your business:

Am I looking to attract past customers of my store or would like to get brand new ones, to learn about my product for the first time?

Do I want to grow my email list and send them to a lead capture funnel page?

What is my realistic goal for running this ad?

Not Targeting the Correct Audience

Did you know that you can use IG ability to target your ideal customer? Due to IG being own by Facebook you using its customer targeting system

You will have to know your audience very well to use targeting ads, You need to know their pain points and how to solve them.

Instagram Ad Mistakes

I was doing this at the beginning TARGETING the wrong customer and I have seen so many others doing the same thing

Let me give you an example: I am into Airsoft and my store sells airsoft mask, now imagine if I was targeting mother’s to be. How well do you think that would go?

Before you start running ads, you have to know your customers, by spending time engaging with your followers, researching other sellers in your field. Work out what customer would benefit from your product and how.

Does your product solve a problem they are having, or give them an emotional response.

To find yourself the perfect customer for your service or product, you should ask yourself these questions:

As I said earlier, you should ask yourself how does my product/ service solve your ideal customer’s pain point?

How does my product or service fulfil my customer?

Who is my product perfect for and would get the most out of it?

What would like you to do is after you have read this whole blog, so go and have a look at what others are doing in your industry and get inspiration and do better.

Follow what they are doing, see what is working and implement it to fit your own clients/customers needs

You should know the demographics of your perfect customer which includes the following: This one is very important, you should know your customers/clients

·  Male/Female or whatever pronouns they like to use

·  Income (if you are running an Advertising agency)

·  There interest outside of your product or services

·  Age Range

·  There location is great to know, if you have a service based business.

Getting your Ad Content Wrong

This what I have noticed a lot of businesses are doing wrong. Running the wrong kind of ads to their perfectly dialled in audience.

There is a reason for this and we all do it at one point or another. But getting this right is so important.

This is the most important thing you must do. CREATE CONTENT IN YOUR ADVERTISING THAT TALKS TO YOUR PEOPLE.

Get to the point as quickly as possible and make sure the content shows your services or products and of course your brand perfectly.

Now for another very important thing, you must do, don’t make it about you and your services, make it about your customer’s pain points Not all about you or your business. It’s a very fine line.

Give inspiration to your customers, make them feel that your service/product will give them wings and empowerment to get all those pain points to leave and never come back.

Your cation should be relevant to your photo/video and reflect what it is showing. Make your IG ad caption needs to be persuasive, but never pushy

Your caption should never be a car salesperson. Really think about the ads that resonate with you.

Be the person your customer can trust and honestly feels you want to help them.

Your copy need to be on point with your video/photo and tell the story of what it is showing.

You to be able to read your copy and know what the photo/video will show without seeing it.

Make sure it has a very clear Call To Action (CTA)

The quality of Images and Videos , is paramount. Please don’t neglect it. But also don’t over edit it to the point of being unreal.

Now you may not believe it, but even to this day, people are still not paying attention to the quality of their photos and videos.

Instagram is a photo-sharing app, it is its only purpose. So the quality of your content has to be of a very high standard. Your ads need to look like any other post on their feed.

I have heard so many people say they can’t afford to buy the right tools to edit the photos, but how can you afford not to. Plus there so many free tools out like Canva.

If I can give you one bit of advice, about taking great photos lighting.

This is where the magic is, do it right and you will not need to do too much editing other than a crop here to there